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C++/Python Engineers

We are an outstaffing company that offers IT specialists to the development teams. We have ready-to-hire engineers or perform a screening process to augment you with top talents. You only pay for the time our specialist actually worked, while we take care of everything else (office, taxes, accounting, equipment, wages, and so on).

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    We can help you with

    Individual Consulting
    We can assign you one of the individual consultants from our team who best fits your needs and can help to solve your problem by working with you or your team.

    Consultants will be assigned after a prior discussion of your needs and writing down details about the problem you want to solve.

    This service is good if your project has some specific or more complex problems.
    Team Extension
    We can find 1 or more Software Developers for you as an extension to your team. The process of finding the right candidates will take from 2 to 4 weeks. You tell us the requirements and level of developers you need, and we find just the right candidate for you.

    This service will be perfect if you need 1 or more developers to join your team for a period from 6 months and more.

    This service is good for projects with a clear backlog and management setup on your side.
    Our team
    We are not an ordinary software house.
    What's different? First of all, our business is value-driven.
    We build partnerships. We value our team's personal and group ambitions more than scaling-up sales. We pay close attention to team building. We value friendly, open office vibe and reliable people more than a corporate setting. We put quality first and always choose to run the extra mile to get the job done.
    CEO, Senior C++ Developer

    My passion is solving complex problems and helping people to grow. That's why I founded COXIT in 2019, and continue working and developing it as a place where the best developers want to work and develop their skills.

    Key areas: COXIT Strategy, Customer Care, Competencies Development.

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    Head of Account Management

    I am sure that we can find you a right developer, the question is how many you need? At COXIT I am responsible for recruitment and sales coordinating, making sure the processes are running smooth and effective.

    Key areas: Engagement Management, Recruiting and Sales coordinating.

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    HR Generalist

    In Ukraine, we have great engineers - my superpower is that I know where and how to find the best ones. My main role at the company is finding the right candidates, performing a screening with them, and collecting all valuable information.

    Key areas: Recruiting, Human Resources, Event Organization.

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