Our team

Iryna Mykytyn
CEO, Senior C++ Developer
My passion is solving complex problems and helping people to grow. That's why I founded COXIT in 2019, and continue working and developing it as a place where the best developers want to work and develop their skills.

Key areas: COXIT Strategy, Customer Care, Competencies Development.

Volodymyr Hresko
Engagement Director
I am sure that we can find you a right developer, the question is how many you need? At COXIT I am responsible for recruitment and sales coordinating, making sure the processes are running smooth and effective.

Key areas: Engagement Management, Recruiting and Sales coordinating.

Veronika Tokarenko
Recruiting Manager
In Ukraine, we have great engineers - my superpower is that I know where and how to find the best ones. My main role at the company is finding the right candidates, performing a screening with them, and collecting all valuable information.

Key areas: Recruiting, Human Resources, Event Organization.

Denys Samozvon
C++ Developer
Denys has experience in development of software for Unix-like OSs, cross-platform desktop applications and telephony.

Key skills: C++, C, Linux, Windows, Bash, Cmake, Make, QT/QML.

Review: "Denys is an excellent and high performing C++ developer and well versed with modern C++ practices. He will be a great addition to any team."

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Andrii Chumak
Python Developer
Andrii has experience in Backend development (Python 3), and in Frontend Development (UIs on JS and React).

Key skills: Django, Flask, RESTful API, PostgreSQL, AWS.

Review: "It was great working with Andrii. Always on time. Always makes an extra mile. Highly recommended!"

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Victor Mykhailov
Python Developer
Victor is an expert in API integrations and development. He is a part of Internet Archive team.

Key skills: Flask, Docker, MongoDB FastAPI, RESTful API, PostgreSQL, AWS.

Review: "I'm really impressed with how quickly COXIT was able to come up to speed and learn about our software. "

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Yehor Zhornovy
Python Developer
Yehor is a part of Tempest.com as a Python engineer. He also contributed over 2 years of the development of Archive.org

Key skills: Python, Django, FastAPI, Flask, Kivy, AWS, Pytest, TDD, Docker, Pandas, Nympy, SQL, Postgresql

Review: "Yehor did an excellent job of solving a longstanding problem for the task. Yehor is responsive and a good communicator."

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Yurii Didyk
Python Developer
Yurii developing Archive.org Scribe, which is a Python and Kivy app that runs on a fleet of over a hundred machines and is used to digitize 10,000 books monthly

Key skills: Django, Flask, RESTful, PostgeSQL, AWS, Telegram API, AWS

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Bohdan Djus
Python Developer
Bohdan is a Software engineer focused on Python and C++, he has a commercial experience in Crypto domain.

Key skills: Python, Django, SQL, Docker

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