Data Engineer

🟠 Details: 

Our client is Xperi’s Music Metadata Engineering team responsible for systems that process vast amounts of music-related data. They consume data from many sources, augment it through human and automated processes, and supply it to industry-leading clients such as Pandora, Google, and Microsoft, who use it to enrich their customers’ music search and listening experiences. In addition, their metadata enriches the growing market for in-car entertainment experiences through their Connected Car technologies. 

See and for more information about what they do.

🟠 About the project : 

The main goal of the project is migrating their system from an on-premise implementation (Windows, SQL Server, C#/.NET) to the Google Cloud Platform (Kubernetes/GKE, BigQuery, Python, Postgres, microservices), and rebuilding it using managed services and cloud-native technologies. The purpose of the Data Engineer role is to contribute to the reimagination and reimplementation of this system in the cloud.

🟠 Qualifications : 

– At least 4 years of experience in Data Engineering;
– Strong Python development skills;
– Strong SQL skills;
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
– Cloud development experience;
– Docker, Kubernetes, and microservices development;
– GCP experience: BigQuery, CloudSQL, GKE;
– Experience with observability systems such as DataDog, Grafana, etc.

🟠 Responsibilities:

– Understand, and in some cases reverse-engineer, the requirements for building the new system in GCP;
– Develop new applications utilizing your Python, SQL, cloud, and distributed systems development skills;
– Participate effectively as a team member in a distributed team of developers and architects.

🟠 Interview steps:

– Screening with the recruiter (about 30 minutes);
– Technical interview with Senior Developer (about 1 hour);
– Technical interview with TechLead (about 1 hour).

🟠 By joining us, you will get: 

– Accounting coverage;
– Paid Vacations;
– Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely;
– Best class working equipment (laptop and accessories);
– Good conditions for skills development:
– Possibility to upgrade your English for business needs due to working time and coverage of 50% for studying English 
– Offer of internal workshops
– Wellbeing Sessions as One-to-One meetings.

🟠 Our office in Lviv:

– FuturaHUB located in Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
– An inspiring, modern workplace with a great atmosphere and development culture;
– “Happy Hours” parties;
– Yoga and sports training in FuturaHUB;
– Chillout area: gaming zone with the PlayStations, table tennis & table soccer;
– Beer, coffee, tea, cookies, etc;
– Conference rooms.

🟠 Some of our Values:

– No overtime and pressure;
– Regular rest, burnouts control;
– Clean relationships within the company and with the client;
– Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as well for the problems that stand in the way of this development;
– Openness to the new, readiness for changes.


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