Middle Computer vision and Machine Learning Engineer

🟠 Details: 

Our client is the largest commercial casework and architectural millwork manufacturer in the United States. In 2015 the company was recognized as one of the fastest-growing wood manufacturers in the United States. This project aims to minimize the time needed to detect and emphasize specific categories of objects and text in architectural drawings.

We are seeking a Middle Computer Vision Engineer to join our team. The successful candidate will work on a project focused on object detection solutions for the industrial domain. And will be responsible for implementing machine learning models, conducting data preprocessing, and contributing to the development of our data pipeline.

🟠 Qualifications : 

– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, or a related field.
– At least 2 years of hands-on experience in Computer Vision, specifically in Object Detection and Image Classification;
– Strong knowledge of Python and experience with Deep Learning libraries, preferably PyTorch;
– Experience in training and fine-tuning Deep Learning models for Computer Vision tasks, utilizing techniques such as transfer learning and data augmentation;
– Experience working with image processing libraries and tools, such as OpenCV and Pillow;
– Experience working with a variety of object detection models and architectures such as YOLO, Faster R-CNN, SSD, and others, is a plus;
– Ability to work both independently and collaboratively, effectively contributing to project success.

🟠Would be a plus:

– Experience with tools such as TensorBoard and MLflow;
– Experience with Flask and Postman for API development and testing;
– Experience with Streamlit/Dash for creating data applications.

🟠 Responsibilities:

– Research and identify optimal solutions for solving the assigned task, considering the latest advancements in Computer Vision;
– Conduct data processing, including tackling high-resolution issues and preparing ML-ready annotations;
– Develop and maintain robust train and inference pipelines;
– Fine-tune, optimize, and conduct experiments with Computer Vision models and algorithms to maximize performance metrics;
– Address potential challenges such as overfitting, selecting appropriate evaluation metrics, optimizers, and augmentation techniques to enhance model performance;
– Document code ensuring clarity, maintainability, and reusability.

🟠 Interview steps:

– Screening with the recruiter (about 30 minutes);
– Interview with TechLead at the project (about 1 hour);
– Interview with CTO (about 1 hour).

🟠 By joining us, you will get: 

– Accounting coverage;
– Paid Vacations;
– Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely;
– Best-class working equipment (laptop and accessories);
– Wellbeing Sessions as One-to-One meetings.

🟠 Our office in Lviv:

– FuturaHUB is located in Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
– An inspiring, modern workplace with a great atmosphere and development culture;
– “Happy Hours” parties;
– Yoga and sports training in FuturaHUB;
– Chillout area: gaming zone with PlayStations, table tennis & table soccer;
– Beer, coffee, tea, cookies, etc;
– Conference rooms.

🟠 Some of our Values:

– No overtime and pressure;
– Regular rest, burnouts control;
– Clean relationships within the company and with the client;
– Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as well for the problems that stand in the way of this development;
– Openness to the new, readiness for changes;


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