Full Stack Tech Lead Developer with WebGL Experience

ūüü† Details:

We are seeking a seasoned Full Stack Tech Lead Developer with WebGL experience to lead the development and design of a new project from scratch. This project involves building a Furniture Web Configurator software, similar to the IKEA planner (kitchen.planner.ikea.com/us/en/planner). The successful candidate will also play a key role in interviewing other team members, estimating features, and designing PoC and MVP versions of software from scratch

ūüü† Qualifications :

  • Minimum of¬†5¬†years of¬†experience in¬†a¬†frontend/full stack position, with experience in¬†similar¬†Full Stack/Tech Lead¬†roles.
  • Proficiency in¬†web development using HTML5/CSS3, JQuery,¬†WebGL, three.js, Node.js¬†or¬†a¬†willingness to¬†work with this technology stack.
  • Hands-on experience with¬†SQL and NoSQL¬†DBs, S3.
  • Experience with payment gateway integrations.
  • Experience in¬†building deployment and testing pipelines.
  • Proficiency with CI/CD tools (GitHub Actions, Git).
  • Knowledge of¬†Docker for containerization.
  • Familiarity with cloud services like AWS, and Cloudflare for deployment.

ūüü†Would be a plus:

  • Experience with 3D/2D graphics software and libraries, such as¬†WebGL¬†or at¬†least Three.js for 3D¬†and PixiJS for 2D.
  • Experience with 3D¬†Modeling Software.

ūüü† Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating closely with the client and Project Manager to¬†gather and understand feature requirements.
  • Development of¬†Proof of¬†Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) versions of¬†the software.
  • Design and building of¬†unified storage of¬†the product catalog.
  • Ensuring that technical requirements and consumer needs are met effectively.
  • Designing the project and leading the team technically.
  • Engaging in¬†code development, optimizing code for performance, and rigorously testing essential functionalities.

ūüü† Interview steps:

  • Screening with the recruiter (about 30¬†minutes).
  • Introduction meeting with CTO and Project Manager (about 40¬†minutes).
  • Take-home task¬†(2-3 hours).
  • Technical interview with Full Stack Developer (about 1¬†hour).

ūüü† By joining us, you will get:

  • Paid Vacations;
  • 4¬†Public Holidays covered;
  • 30¬†unpaid Day-Offs;
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to¬†work remotely;
  • High-quality working equipment including laptops and accessories;
  • Office in¬†FuturaHUB¬†‚ÄĒ modern workspace with an¬†inspiring atmosphere. Located in¬†Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
  • Yoga, massage and sports training;
  • Corporate gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and events;
  • ‚ÄúHappy Hours‚ÄĚ parties;
  • Office snacks and drinks, along with a¬†chillout area equipped with gaming consoles, table tennis, and table soccer.

ūüü† Our office in Lviv:

  • FuturaHUB is¬†located in¬†Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
  • An¬†inspiring, modern workplace with a¬†great atmosphere and development culture;
  • ‚ÄúHappy Hours‚ÄĚ parties;
  • Yoga and sports training in¬†FuturaHUB;
  • Chillout area: gaming zone with the PlayStations, table tennis &¬†table soccer;
  • Beer, coffee, tea, cookies, etc;
  • Conference rooms.

ūüü† Some of our Values:

  • No¬†overtime and pressure;
  • Regular rest, burnout control;
  • Clean relationships within the company and with the client;
  • Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as¬†well for the problems that stand in¬†the way of¬†this development;
  • Openness to¬†the new, readiness for changes.


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