Middle C++ Developer

We are seeking an experienced C++ SDK Developer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining and adding features to a library of C++ code that is used by top car makers.

ūüü† About the project :¬†

DTS Autostage Linux SDK is a C++ library developed by XPERI to help car makers to work with DTS Autostage API services. The library lets clients receive enhanced data for their media system such as radio stations, now playing data on each station, images, streams, podcasts, recommendations, and other information provided by API.

Implementation of the library includes HTTPS, and AMQP clients, SQLite clients. Project infrastructure has unit tests, functional tests, CI powered by GitHub Actions, and a well-set up delivery process.

SDK is currently used by top car makers such as Hyundai, Tesla, and Mercedes. So the role of the C++ Developer will be to support current functionality and development of new features and tests.

ūüü† Technologies:

‚ÄĒ¬†Linux OS¬†and Linux CLI. CMake for project build.
‚ÄĒ¬†Docker to¬†be¬†able to¬†run and work with tests infrastructure, and monitoring system.
‚ÄĒ¬†GDB, Valgrind for debug.
‚ÄĒ¬†C++¬†testing with GTest/GMock.

ūüü† Qualifications :¬†

‚ÄĒ¬†Excellent knowledge of¬†and experience with the technologies listed above.
‚ÄĒ¬†An¬†understanding of¬†how the HTTP request lifecycle works.
‚ÄĒ¬†Knowledge of¬†web unit and functional testing (Google test)
‚ÄĒ¬†The ability to¬†work in¬†a¬†team.
‚ÄĒ¬†Experience with Media and Radio technologies will be¬†a¬†plus.

ūüü† Will be¬†a¬†plus:

‚ÄĒ¬†GitHub Actions configuration experience, working with observability tools such as¬†Prometheus, Loki, and Grafana.

ūüü† Responsibilities:

‚ÄĒ¬†Features development and support of¬†existing C++¬†Library
‚ÄĒ¬†Design, implement, and test code to¬†make sure it¬†meets the requirements
‚ÄĒ¬†Create and maintain technical documentation to¬†ensure code is¬†easy to¬†understand and use by¬†other developers
‚ÄĒ¬†Troubleshoot and fix code issues
‚ÄĒ¬†Collaborate with other developers to¬†ensure the library meets the needs of¬†the organization

ūüü† Interview steps:

‚ÄĒ¬†Screening with a¬†recruiter (30¬†minutes)
‚ÄĒ¬†Technical test with COXIT (1¬†hour)
‚ÄĒ¬†Tech interview with the client (1¬†hour)

ūüü† By¬†joining¬†us, you will get: (May add something special for the position)

‚ÄĒ¬†Accounting coverage;
‚ÄĒ¬†Paid Vacations;
‚ÄĒ¬†Flexible working hours and the possibility to¬†work remotely;
‚ÄĒ¬†Best-class working equipment (laptop and accessories);
‚ÄĒ¬†Good conditions for skills development:
‚ÄĒ¬†Possibility to¬†upgrade your English for business needs due to¬†working time and coverage of¬†50% for studying English¬†
‚ÄĒ¬†Offer of¬†Internal Training such as¬†TechTalks and WorkShops
‚ÄĒ¬†Wellbeing Sessions as¬†One-to-One meetings

ūüü† Our office in¬†Lviv:

‚ÄĒ¬†FuturaHUB is¬†located in¬†Lviv (Kulparkivska 200a);
‚ÄĒ¬†An¬†inspiring, modern workplace with a¬†great atmosphere and development culture;
‚ÄĒ¬†Free ‚ÄúHappy Hours‚ÄĚ parties;
‚ÄĒ¬†Free yoga and sports training in¬†FuturaHUB;
‚ÄĒ¬†Chillout area: gaming zone with PlayStations, table tennis &¬†table soccer;
‚ÄĒ¬†Free beer, coffee, tea, cookies, etc;
‚ÄĒ¬†Conference rooms.

ūüü† Some of¬†our Values:

‚ÄĒ¬†No¬†overtime and pressure;
‚ÄĒ¬†Regular rest, burnouts control;
‚ÄĒ¬†Clean relationships within the company and with the client;
‚ÄĒ¬†Responsibility for the own development, ideas, and interests communication, as¬†well for the problems that stand in¬†the way of¬†this development;
‚ÄĒ¬†Openness to¬†the new, readiness for changes;


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