Raising 15.400 for Ukrainian Army

We wanna buy 20 pieces of bulletproof vests and 20 helmets and send them to people needing them now on the front.

According to the prices, it will cost 15 400$. This is the amount COXIT is raising.


The ways to donate: PayPal:  iramykytyn@gmail.com SWIFT USD account: Beneficiary IBAN: UA 69 322001 00000 2620 8304 9610 39 Account No: 26208304961039 Receiver: MYKYTYN IRYNA, 80373, Ukraine, reg. Lvivska, district. Zhovkivskyi, village. Sulymiv, st. Lvivska, build. 12 An account with Institution Bank: JSC UNIVERSAL BANK City: KYIV, UKRAINE Swift code: UNJSUAUKXXX Details of payment: private transfer Or by this link in UAH if it works for you: https://lnkd.in/dNkW_ias


Total raised






Thanks for the donations:

  • Kaushal Patel
  • Robert Dillon


It’s the 29th day of the war in Ukraine Mariupol - the city with half a million population is completely ruined by Russian occupants.

According to BBC News (https://lnkd.in/dc5EqsgV) and Wikipedia, the third part of the whole population is forced to leave their homes looking for safer places. Part of them are staying in the western part of Ukraine.

We all wanna believe that the Ukrainian army protects us, and doesn’t let occupants reach our homes. We don’t wanna believe that what is going on in some cities is true - occupants are breaking into houses, parking tanks on the yards of left homes, shooting those who are escaping, do not allow humanitarian corridors. This must be stopped!

We know that just believing in the best is not enough to protect ourselves and our home city. We know that now we should do our best to support the army by donating money, we also should support the Ukrainian economy doing our job, and support our people helping with relocations. We also know that there are a lot of our friends, clients, acquaintances who are asking how to help. Please help by donations and by hiring Ukrainian people.


Here's an easy, bare-minimum guide for businesses around the world on how you can support Ukraine and help stop the war, without firing a bullet.

  1. Blue-and-Yellow logo 💙 💛
  2. Official company statement 📣
  3. Inform your customers 👩 👨

  1. We ask tech companies, large and small to put a Blue-and-Yellow ribbon on their logo and a statement on their website as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine.
  2. Make an official statement from your company, condemning the war. Share a list of resources that anyone can use to donate to Ukraine's civilian and armed forces. Example: https://linktr.ee/razomforukraine
  3. Send a newsletter to all of your customers or clients sharing the statement you've made. Share the same information on social media. Add a banner on your front page and link your Blue-and-Yellow logo to the statement your company has made.

In this situation - silence is an endorsement of Russia's actions


Read and share only verified information about Ukraine and Russia’s attack:

President of Ukraine

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Official account of the Parliament of Ukraine

Ukraine’s official social media accounts

Embassy of Ukraine in your country (Web, Facebook & Twitter)


Twitter accounts

Other reliable sources